Time for Change

We believe that clients and jobseekers deserve better than what is offered by established recruitment practices and feedback we receive suggests we are not alone.

So if your experience of recruitment is:


  • Waste time meeting poorly matched candidates
  • Recruitment process that takes too long
  • Receive crudely matched CV's with no evaluation depth
  • You do the bulk of the work
  • Placements that don't work out. Leaving you to repeat the process


  • Feel disengaged from the recruitment process - ignored and treated as a commodity
  • Powerless to influence beyond your CV
  • Little to no feedback, limiting your learning and improvement
  • Consultants focused on making commission this month
  • Consultants with limited relevant experience and only a superficial grasp of clients' needs

You will find EO Executives approach to recruitment refreshing. We built our process from the clients' and jobseekers' perspective to deliver the service and results you expect.

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