Our Philosophy

Delivering competitive advantage through people isn't easy; it takes a fresh approach, challenge and real commitment to understand what's really needed.

We do this by changing how companies think about people, the work they do & the experience and behaviours they bring.

At EO we believe that much recruitment practice is outdated and does not deliver for either clients or candidates. So our response has been to redefine recruitment services from the client and candidates perspective and pioneer new ways to secure and embed fresh leadership talent.

Our clients trust us to search further and smarter than anyone else. Our executive talent trust us to evaluate deeper and advocate more professionally than anyone else.

They know we will deliver the right people for the right seat. Those special people solve critical challenges and build competitive advantage.


When EO engage candidates we don't just look at past experience and their aspirations for the future. We deploy rigorous techniques and processes to uncover the true person; their values, drivers, attitudes, behaviours and character.

Our objective is to predict an individual's likelihood of success in a role through their behaviours and cultural match. We then go out and find those rare individuals who can make success happen.

We work closely with hiring stakeholders to ensure we have congruence on the person blueprint at the start of every search. Aligning our evaluation process to this blueprint enables us to work in a focused and objective way.

The bringing together of our thorough process, deep candidate insights and the strong situational match to the role blueprint underpins our market-leading record for candidate tenure, with over 96% remaining in the role at 12 months past placement.

We believe every crucial hire is a strategic decision with a clear ROI impact. Our approach takes the guesswork out of hiring to de-risk your future success and deliver the ROI you seek.

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